Family Science Learning Overview

Now that you have found some patterns in your data, you’re ready to reflect on what you’ve learned about your “Should We” question. This LE will help you review what you know, and decide what your next steps should be.


This activity has 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Review your family’s “Should We” question.
  • Part 2: Review the data that you’ve collected so far and what you’ve learned from each of your investigations.

What Can You Do To Support Learning?

  • Returning to your “Should We” question is an important part of LE 9. Discuss with your family what you originally wanted to learn more about in order to explore your “Should We” question (this is the purpose of the investigations in LE7):
    • What “Should We” question were we asking? Why was that important to our family and community?
    • What do we know from our field-based, community-based, and media-based investigations?

Activity Sheet

Connecting with Other Families

Continue to collaborate with other families by comparing findings and data. You can also ask another family if they think you still need to gather more information before you take action. They might even have some ideas about what investigations you can do next!

Connect to Other Activities

Learning in Places Frameworks to Consider

  • Constructing explanations
  • Socio-Ecological Decision-Making and Ethical Deliberation
Example LE 9: Understanding our Data
Family Storyline Example LE 9