Garden Learning Engagement

There are many ways to collect data and gather information to explore a garden “Should We” question. Doing field- based investigations is one way. In this learning engagement, learners will carry out an investigation and collect data in the garden. This process of planning and carrying out investigations enables us to move from opinions, beliefs, or initial ideas about phenomena to making claims from evidence.

Data is the information we collect when we conduct our research, including garden-based observations, community interviews, and garden methods research.

Evidence is data that is used to prove or disprove a particular idea. Evidence is the set of data we use to answer our research and “Should We” questions.


Learners have collected other forms of data from community interviews and different garden methods research. In this learning engagement learners will gather observational data to continue to make sense of their “Should We” question.


Learning Goals

Learners will…

  • Pose questions and design investigations to inform their decision-making practices.
  • Engage in field-based science practices as part of a socio-ecological investigation.

Learning in Places Frameworks to Consider