Learning Frameworks Overview

This framework 1) identifies several models of family engagement that support or hinder familial & communal thriving and learning across places; and 2) proposes key shifts in family engagement that can support transformational partnerships towards familial and communal thriving and learning across places.

Family and Community Engagement Model 

This framework is intended to support educators, educational leaders, families, and community partners consider the range of partnership models that inform their educational practice. Each model in the diagram below represents different practices, relational qualities, and goals and are steeped in power and historicity in unique ways. Likely, no one partnership model will be sufficient to achieve cultural thriving and learning across places but will require several interacting models across individuals, organizations, and institutions. Use the diagram below to consider your own (or your organization’s) partnership models, then use the key concepts that follow to think about how these models represent your personal and organizational values for partnership.

Family and Community Engagement Model diagram
Dimensions Exploring Paradigms, Positions, & Practices