The advisory board includes national leaders in science education, ecological cognition, design research, and learning gardens.

Douglas Medin

Professor, Cognitive Science and Learning Sciences, Northwestern University

Douglas Medin has expertise in culture, ecosystems cognition, and science education.

Heidi Carlone

Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Higher Education, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Heidi Carlone has expertise in science learning and identity and a focus on outdoor environment science learning.

Dilafruz Williams

Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy at Portland State University (PSU)

She has served as Chair of the Board of the Council of the Great City Schools, Director of Community-University Partnerships at PSU and is cofounder of Portland school district’s Environmental Middle School and Leadership for Sustainability Education at PSU, where she established a master’s level academic program, and initiated, designed, and supported Learning Gardens at several schools addressing local farm-to-school food and nutrition issues and integration into major curricular goals.

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