Garden Learning Engagement

The goal of LE 7 is to give learners the opportunity to make sense of the data that they gathered from the garden across settings (garden methods research, community interview, investigation questions, daily observation and data collection) in order to find answer to their investigations to answer their “Should We” question(s) and ground their decision-making practices in community and field-based evidence.


Summarizing and visualizing data is an important part of making sense of our data. Through analysis, data becomes evidence to support patterns that learners find in the garden. In this learning engagement learners will summarize the investigation question data from LE 6 and visualize the data in a graph. Learners will then incorporate these findings with the patterns found from community interviews, garden methods and daily observations. This is an important process that leads to sensemaking, deliberating, and making decisions about socio-ecological phenomena.

Connections to family and community gardening knowledges and practices

LE 7 provides another opportunity for learners to engage in science learning with their families and members of their community by analyzing and making sense of the data they collected from family observations and community-based research.


Learning Goals

Learners will…

  • Learn how to find patterns across different datasets: family data, garden data, community- based research, and garden methods research.
  • Understand how data becomes evidence for answers to the “should-we” question(s).
  • Learn how to visualize their data to foster sensemaking in the garden across data sets.

Learning in Places Frameworks to Consider